Meet The Team

Oh so sweet treats is a family run business, but the two main business owners are mother and daughter, sharing what we love with all our lovely customers. 

Lets meet the mother and daughter duo Chloe and Debbie the ladies behind the brand

Chloe wanted to make her dream a reality of owning her own business in the sweet industry, because let's be honest who doesn't love sweets right? Especially Cool cola skulls they are Chloe's ultimate fave! Chloe wanted to make sweets available for all occasions, from movie night pick 'n' mix to every holiday gifting. 

Without Debbie we will be honest there would be no Oh So Sweets, she's the main lady behind the branding and socials, we have to say what an amazing job she's doing! Debbie has owned her own businesses for many years but her best one yet is branching out into sweets and sharing marshmallow faves with you all 

We would also like to say hello to the rest of the family at Oh so sweet treats, who are currently happy dancing in the warehouse every time a new sale comes in.